Penny Küfer Investigates

The great new series for cozy mystery lovers. Gripping and fun entertainment, inspired by the detective novels of the Golden Age.

  1. Murder on the Occident Express
  2. Death of a Snoop
  3. Deep Dive into Death
  4. Arsenic and French Lace
  5. The Curse of the Fire Pearl
  6. The Maus Trap
  7. Penny Küfer’s Christmas

Available at your favorite Amazon store: http://mybook.to/Penny_Series

Murder in Antiquity

Join shady Germanic merchant Thanar and his clever slave Layla in their backwater frontier town, and on their travels to the greatest sights of the ancient world. Meet legionaries, gladiators, barbarians, druids and Christians—and the most ruthless killers!

  1. Murder in Antiquity
  2. Death of a Preacher Man
  3. Grand Tour into Death
  4. The Deadly Gladiatrix

Available at your favorite Amazon store: http://mybook.to/MurderAtTheLimes